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North Shore Views, Schools, and Luxury

Magnolia One Subdivision

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Create spaces that bring people happiness. 

That's what guides our process. It guides our work building single-family homes, communities, apartments, and centers where people work, shop, or congregate. 

We have found that constructing special spaces requires a uniquely structured company. That’s why we employ an amazing spectrum of talented professionals. At Magnolia Developments, everyone from engineers to design architects to project managers to designers to landscape architects works in a collaborative environment.


Because of this, we are able to focus on every detail of the build process. The care with which we craft every element, no matter how big or small, results in houses, buildings, and communities with unparalleled quality.

Green Living

Green Living

Setting the standard. 

Most homebuilders construct homes for their customers using standard features and basic materials that are cost-effective for the homebuilders. Your unique new home should be built using the best construction practices that consider energy efficiency, environmental quality, affordability, and life safety. Our homes are built to last. Our environmentally conscientious homes will be there for you and for future generations.


Your new green home will be quieter, more comfortable, and with the benefit of lower utility bills by using an enhanced insulation package, improved house wrapping and air sealing, high performance insulated windows and doors, and a high-efficiency heating and cooling system. The construction helps protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The Magnolia Developments Process is Unique

We use a phased approach for managing our construction process: Customer Requirements Gathering,

Pre-Planning Process, Detailed Planning Process, Construction Process, Final Walkthrough, and Post Closure support. 


Our commitment to you does not end at closing.

Step 1: Get to Know You

We want to get to know you. What do you envision for your dream house? What  is your design and style? 

Step 2: Get to Know Us

We will explain the way that Magnolia Developments operates and what to expect from us. You've got lots of options when it comes to building your custom home-let us show you why we will be a great fit! 

Step 3: Decide Where to Build

We offer lots in our Magnolia One neighborhood, or we can build on land that you already own.  

Step 4: Pick a Floor Plan

Choose the layout of your custom home. You can design your own or pick one of our preset floorplans. 

Step 5: Design

Choose the design, finishes, and style of your home. Work with our expert designers to make your dream come to life! 

Step 6: Construction

The building process begins! We maintain consistent communication through the entire build, and you'll even be able to use an app to track the progress on your home or make changes. We offer lots in our Magnolia One neighborhood, or we can build on land that you already own.  

Step 7: Orientation

We will walk you through your new home and go over the one year Builder's Warranty that comes with each Magnolia Developments home.   

Step 8: Move In!

The home is yours! Start making memories with your family. 

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Our Process


Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones leads Magnolia Developments, LLC Commercial and Residential Construction Division, overseeing a team of skilled professionals. He brings more than 15 years of experience, including management of significant industrial projects and luxury residential sectors. 


Marcus has worked in the utility industry both in Charlotte, NC and Chattanooga, TN as a design engineer, before being promoted to Senior Project Manager,  and subsequently the Senior Manager of the Project Management Office (PMO) overseeing an annual budget greater than 100 million dollars. Marcus managed a staff of more than 30 project managers and Engineers. His engineering background helps to explain his attention to detail.


Marcus is a graduate of the University of Mississippi with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and has been a Certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI) since 2006. 




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